We love to take lots of photos of our events. We have made a selection our favourites below but see the Facebook page for the full monty.

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January 2020 “Mamma Mia”

December 2019 “Christmas Crafting”

November 2019 “Annual Meeting & Quiz Night”

October 2019 “Charity Selection”

September 2019 “Skills Swap!”

August 2019 “Tents & Tonic 2019” Members Camping Trip

July 2019 “Motor Maintenance & SugarPaste”

June 2019 “It’s Easy Being Vegan”

May 2019 “Resolutions” & “Rubbish Walks with Jason Alexander”

April 2019 “All About Bees”

March 2019 “Comedy Night with Kate Smurthwaite”

February 2019 “Yoga” & “The SEFWI Annual Meeting with Kevin Clifton”

January 2019 “Let’s Get Moving”

November 2018 Our Annual Meeting & The Return of Yula Andrews

October 2018 “An Evening with Jane Robinson, Author of “A Force to be Reckoned With: A History of the Women’s Institute”

September 2018 Our 2nd Birthday Party

August 2018 “C&R Tents & Tonic Camping Trip 2018”

August 2018 Sunflower Growing Competition

July 2018 “Inspirational Women”

June 2018 “Sustainable Fashion”

C&R Fundraiser for Got to Read “Cakes, Crafts & Books”

“C&R Beach Clean 2018 at Pipers Vale”

May 2018 “Resolutions”

April 2018 “Conservation”

March 2018 “SEFWI Annual Meeting”

March 2018 “All About Boobs”

February 2018 “Newbies Night” & “Show the Love 2018”

January 2018 “Sewing Bee for the Kenyan School Fund”

January 2018 “New Year New Skill”

December 2017 “Sing it for Santa”

November 2017 “Our Annual Meeting 2017”

October 2017 “The Alternative Harvest Festival”

September 2017 “Our 1st Birthday”